October 26, 2015


Paul Fornelli HS RT-Celebration Studios-013

I’m a life long sales practitioner and a part time author. I’m sometimes told that I’m an intellectual trapped in a sales persons body. I think it’s because those that know me best–understand that I enjoy learning.

I’m also an award winning sales and sales management professional. I’ve carried a quota for more than 20 years working in multiple industries that include everything from B2B wholesale lending & PEO — to capital medical sales & enterprise level integration software for health care organizations. It’s not easy to break into a career in sales, and it’s sometimes even more difficult for experienced sales professionals to make a job transition into an industry in which they lack direct experience. I know first hand just how difficult that can be.

After enjoying years of success in financial services, the 2008 banking crisis made my profession in B2B wholesale all but obsolete. Job transition was forced upon me. I could either re-invent myself or starve. Through a lot of trial and error, disappointment, failure, and loss. I would eventually learn more about myself, the sales ecosystem, and the state of the modern day job search landscape than ever before. My life has forever changed personally and professionally.

I approach my professional life with a foundation first philosophy–consider myself a sales fundamentalist–and I am a big believer in the impact that pre-onboarding activities play in having success on the job. I believe onboarding has to begin before there is even a thought of having a first interview. I believe that taking a precise & thesis like approach to sales readiness is the key to not just a successful onboarding–but also for actually sustaining success on the job. I’m a living, walking, talking example for proof of concept.

I made the decision to write a book in part to share my experiences, and in part to provide some insight for others that may be struggling through the same. My “Foundation First” philosophy, the concept of “Transferable Relevance”, & the sales readiness template known as “Paul’s Pyramid of P’s™” are on full display in my book: Sales Readiness: A Template for Success. 

Sales readiness is grounded in my experiences as someone who, through hardship and struggle, eventually gained success finding work in a difficult job market–a myopic and micro-targeted talent acquisition ecosystem that leaves job seekers lacking the hard skills or the necessary keywords on a resume feeling invisible, ignored, and undervalued. My answers to those problems are brought to life through some character development, a history lesson, and some old fashioned story telling.

It’s really a book about overcoming the obstacles faced with job transition. The story is told through the eyes of sales professionals. It emphasizes the value and impact that your pre-onboarding activities have in not only picking the right job, at the right time, and at the right place–but also the results you have on the job. There is a lot of focus on the sales fundamentals as the basis for sales readiness–and the role they can play as both a communication blueprint through the interview process and also as a basis for a mapping sequence to success on the job.

My book offers a set of tools and exercises based on the science, the fundamentals, and the enduring principles of sales performance that act as a communication blueprint for job seekers, a sales readiness template for sales people, and guidelines for any company willing to do an internal audit and evaluation of its sales-related infrastructure and processes.

I’m passionate about helping anyone interested in the sales career path. I’m not so much interested in teaching the 10 best new ways to cold calling success. There are enough people out there to do that. Rather, I’d prefer to offer some onboarding acceleration and effectiveness solutions for individuals and businesses. I enjoy making an impact by enabling others to not only effectively pick the right job, at the right place, and at the right time–but helping them with a successful onboarding experience by taking a systemized approach to sales readiness. Hiring managers today are challenged with finding ways to reduce ramp up time and improve onboarding effectiveness for sales people. The job candidate that can effectively give evidence that they can ease those challenges and concerns will have the advantage of not only getting that job–but more importantly–will be successful in that job. I can help you.

Whether your an individual seeking a career in sales, a sales professional struggling to get past a myopic talent acquisition technology stack, or a business in search of an onboarding acceleration approach that actually works –I would be happy to hear from you.