October 30, 2015


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I’m in the business of providing sales readiness solutions as a means for overcoming modern day job search, onboarding, and transition barriers for individuals and businesses.


We are living in a transitional period in history. Finding a job today is different and more challenging than it has ever been for a variety of reasons. Technological innovation and cyclical economic events have always disrupted the employment landscape. We live in the age of acceleration. Everything is done at lightening speed today, for better or for worse.

The talent acquisition space–like every other sector–has adopted Big Data, analytics, keyword oriented algorithms, and a whole slew of decision support ATS software that has replaced the face-to-face and a hand shake with cold, hard, and blind automation. The existing systems are not yielding the desired results for job search candidates or the hiring managers. There is a huge opportunity cost for both sides. Turnover is higher than ever and fewer sales people are making quota.

Onboarding programs today are clearly lacking. They don’t set the right expectation for candidates & they often work out of step with the actual needs of the client business. The modern day tech enabled onboarding automation solutions are only part of the answer. It’s important to remember that sales enablement systems & tools simply play a supporting role. Companies are having a difficult time in understanding which onboarding tactics, tools, and strategies work best for them. There is no such thing as “one size fits all.”

Trial and error is not a good long term strategy, and a costly one. Enablement tools and recruiting mechanisms are not getting it done. There has to be a better way to efficiently and effectively source and onboard new sales talent.

I believe that the missing piece of the puzzle can be found by focusing on sales readiness solutions, coupled with a more precise and customized approach to  pre-onboarding activities for job seekers and the hiring community.

  • Job seekers have to understand that the formula for job transition success is best found through being very prepared, very precise, and very deliberate for the full search and transition cycle. Sales Readiness has to begin with the pre-onboarding activities.
  • Hiring organizations have to focus on pre-onboarding activities as well. Everything from the selection process, job profiles, to talent assessments should be under review. Not every company is built to perform at peak sales capacity. You can start by being willing to take a hard in-depth assessment of the current state of your onboarding systems, sales enablement tools,  and your overall sales related infrastructure. You have to know where you are–to understand where you need to go.
  • My onboarding accelerator and sales system is a sales readiness template I call Paul’s Pyramid of P’s.

Paul’s Pyramid of P’s™

A multi-purpose Sales Readiness Template that serves as a framework for
success for job seekers, sales professionals, and businesses

  1. It acts as a communication blueprint during the interview process for job seekers.
  2. A sales readiness template that serves as the mapping sequence to success on the job.
  3. Serves as an onboarding accelerator for any company struggling to reduce ramp up time for new hires, reduce turnover, and improve results.


My mission is to help anyone feeling invisible, ignored, and undervalued in the modern day job search landscape. I want to help individuals to understand how to effectively relate the essence of their relevance for whatever sales related job that drives their sense of passion and fulfills their sense of purpose. My core belief in a harmonious culture drives me to help individuals assess and align their “why” with an organization that embodies the belief that people are their greatest asset.

I want to help any business interested in assessing their onboarding systems, enablement tools, their overall sales related infrastructure–and in need of a solution that actually works to improve ramp up time, reduce turnover, and positively impact sales results.


I have a passion and empathy for the job seeker or anyone in career transition to not only make successful migrations to an employer of choice–but also to onboard into those jobs with the sort of sales readiness that will guarantee a swift ramp up time and sustained success into the job.


Job Seeking sales professionals:

  1. Are you a sales professional and dissatisfied with your current role or job?
  2. Are you a college student looking for a career in sales, or a military veteran in transition without any private industry experience at all?
  3. Are you struggling to make a job transition into an industry because you lack the direct experience?
  4. Are you struggling to make sense out of an increasingly myopic job search ecosystem?
  5. Are your search efforts not producing the results you were expecting? Are you feeling ignored, invisible, and undervalued?

Learn to create a customized sales readiness template designed to be
portable so that you can take it with you at any sales job, flexible so that it can
apply to any sales format, and sustainable so that it lasts forever

Learn how to use the sales readiness template as both a communication blueprint for the interview process–and as your mapping sequence to success in your sales job.

Sign up for PAUL’S PYRAMID OF P’s™ and the free downloadable PDF Sales Readiness Templates

Contact me directly for consultative help with either of the following:

  1. The Instructional Guide For The Job Seeking Sales Professional
  2. Sales Readiness Template workshop for Paul’s Pyramid of P’s™


I hope to help as many businesses as possible interested in becoming the employer of choice for top sales professionals and interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness for their onboarding systems and overall sales related infrastructure.

Business Owners:

  1. Are you struggling to meet your sales objectives?
  2. Are you dissatisfied with the level of turnover for your sales force?
  3. Are you dissatisfied with the ramp up time for new sales hires?
  4. Have you given thought to the possibility that your selection process, onboarding systems, and sales related infrastructure are just not built to perform in the modern day sales ecosystem?

Learn about the Performance Equation and how to use it to evaluate your sales related infrastructure. Learn how to use it to create the kind
of scalable systems you need to achieve your sales objectives and become the employer of choice for the top sales people.

Sign up for PERFORMANCE = PROCESS + PRODUCT + PRICING™ and the free downloadable PDF Sales Readiness Template containing the Performance Equation

Contact me directly for consultative help with the following:

  1. Sales Related Infrastructure Assessment–The Performance equation for your business. Performance = Process + Product + Pricing™




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PAUL’S PYRAMID OF P’S™ – Sales Readiness Template
Pauls original pyramid of ps and TM



I hope to help everyone I meet learn how to relate their relevance, transform the talent acquisition space, and simply get people talking to people again.