October 30, 2015


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Are you a sales professional and dissatisfied with your current role or job?

Are you a college student looking for a career in sales, or are you a military veteran in transition and don’t have any experience?

Are you seeking to make a career transition and frustrated with the ultra-myopic dynamics of the modern day search process?

Are you feeling discouraged in your inability to secure a sales position in a space or vertical for which you lack any direct experience?

Are you feeling invisible, ignored, and under-valued by recruiters & hiring managers?

I have good news for you!

Whether you have a complex, transactional, relationship, or consultative sales background, or no sales background at all?

You are far more relevant than many of you may realize.

I am a living, walking, talking example of someone who successfully made multiple vertical migrations at the highest level of sales and have achieved success at those highest levels using this exact document multiple times. My adherence to the fundamental principles of sales, and my personal journey through multiple verticals helped me to recognize the sales related common threads woven within those fundamentals.

I have made it easy for anyone to recognize and understand those fundamentals within themselves. I did that by creating a sales readiness template called Paul’s Pyramid of P’s™, and it’s featured prominently in my newly released book:

Sales Readiness:  A Template for Success.

 Free Sales Readiness Template for the job seeker #1


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This PDF document is a tool that can provide a customized full cycle framework for a successful job migration from the interview process, through the on-boarding, and into the field. It will serve as a blueprint for communicating and relating your job related relevance throughout the interview process, and at the same time will serve as the implementation framework for the kind of sales related success that will last a lifetime.

This FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF is a finished product example you can use as a guideline in creating your own


If you prefer a separate step by step non-downloadable instructional guide, or my direct help and consultation in creating a custom sales readiness document for you, then simply send me an email or leave a message by phone.

The Free PDF download includes the following:

  • The mini-Executive Summary:       Doing the homework on the vertical, the space, and the job.
  • The sales action plan:                       The pre hire 30/60/90 is more valuable than the post hire plan.
  • The sales readiness template:         Paul’s Pyramid of P’s™ is portable, flexible, and sustainable.

It’s portable in that you can take it with you to your current job or the next.

It’s flexible because it doesn’t matter if your sales format is complex, transactional, consultative, relational, retail/wholesale, hunting, farming, B2B, B2C, or a long or short sales cycle. The foundational principles of the pyramid will apply.

It’s sustainable because it was designed with that purpose in mind. It’s a pyramid that is built from the bottom up with a “Foundation First” philosophy.


Free Sales Readiness Template for the Sales Professional #2