October 30, 2015


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People stay in jobs, roles, and industries they hate because they simply haven’t yet discovered a way to understand–much less break through–a myopic job search landscape. Too often they are stuck and dissatisfied with their work lives because they simply have not found a way to recognize their value, much less communicate the value in a relevant and meaningful way for jobs outside their current industries.

And on the other hand, most businesses have a misaligned talent selection system and their onboarding programs are lacking. They are typically not designed to align and match the job profile expectations with the actual work on the job. In simple terms–they do very little for actually preparing their new hires in a way that helps them understand exactly what it means and what it will take to be successful on the job. The mapping and the focus is all wrong. The results are that ramp up time is too long, quotas are not being met, and turnover is much too high. The overall job search ecosystem from selection through onboarding is too myopic. The result is that it’s causing a huge opportunity cost for both the job search candidate and the hiring business. Simply put–the right people are not getting the right job–and when they do–the onboarding systems in place are proving to be ineffectual.

Technology has gotten in the way! We live in this age of acceleration–where faster is supposed to mean better–but this is a case where technology is actually getting in the way. Hiring managers and businesses need to be less reliant upon the “BOTS” for their selection process. The modern day ATS(application tracking systems) are too reliant upon “hard skill” or “Keyword” matching on a resume. Experience is overrated, and has become the crutch for the selection process. It’s leaving good candidates invisible, ignored, & undervalued. It’s doing a huge disservice to businesses by setting up algorithms and filtering mechanisms that are not in line with the true essence of the job profile.


Sales enablement tools and systems are not making the impact everyone has been expecting. Despite all the latest and greatest tech enabled tools available for the path of the sales professional–from the search–through the interview–to the onboarding–and into the field–the statistics we are getting back from places like CSO Insights in 2017 are proving that “It aint working.”


More customization and focus on the Pre-Onboarding activities for both the candidates and the businesses that hire them. I offer a 3-fold approach to solving the problem for both of them. I believe that onboarding has to begin before there ever is a first interview.

For the candidates:

I offer a unique 3-fold approach to the problem:

  1. Commit to becoming self aware. Somewhere, there is an intersection between what you love and what you do well. It’s often called your “why.” Life can always be good–but it’s infinitely better if you can discover your passion and secure a job that fulfills your sense of purpose. Commit to a thesis like approach to the job search process. Getting to the heart of who you are and what you want is a first step–and it’s going to require some self assessment.
  2. Be prepared, precise, and deliberate. Treat the search exercise as if it were the biggest opportunity of your life–because it is. Take things into your own hands–don’t rely upon the BOTS. If your not a direct hard skill match–hiring managers won’t find you and they are not looking for you. Be prepared, precise, & deliberate in your choice of industry, company, role, sales format. Sales readiness with a focus on the fundamentals is the key to solving your problem.
  3. Create a customized Sales Readiness Template. It will serve as your communication blueprint throughout the interview process & become your mapping sequence to success on the job. You will have to give some evidence that you understand exactly what it means and what it takes to be successful in the precise job you are applying for. Think of the template as a Sales Readiness Certification for the job. The key value element for any job transition is to be ready on day one. This approach and tool will serve as your onboarding accelerator and serve to speed up ramp up time, make a huge impact on the sales results, and ultimately serve to reduce turnover. I’m living, walking , talking proof that it works.

If you are interested either a one on one consultation or want to enlist in a future group workshop-I’d be happy to hear from you.

For businesses and the hiring managers:

I offer a unique 3-fold approach to solving the problem.

  1. Use sales personality tests & assessments during the search and selection process: Be willing to hire the person and train for the skill. However–before you do–rely less on the BOTS in an ATS, and put some emphasis on a good sales assessment and personality test on the front end of your selection process. I have a few I can recommend.
  2. Mandate a sales certification for your new hire: You have selected the candidate, have reviewed the assessment tool, and all indications are that this person has the emotional and behavioral disposition your looking for. NOW WHAT? Maybe it’s time to be retro, and be a little more “old school.” It begins by demanding more from your new hires. Let’s face it–hiring a sales person is a risk for both sides. It should never be too much to ask a new hire for a thesis like approach and effort in creating a customized sales readiness template that serves as actual evidence that they understand exactly what it means and what it takes to be successful on the precise job they are filling. We ask lawyers, CPA’s, and doctors to be licensed and certified. It should not be too much to ask a sales professional for a Sales Readiness Template as their Certification to sell. It will serve as the perfect risk mitigation tool you need to positively impact ramp up time, turnover, and effectiveness.
  3. Ask yourself if you are built for sales performance. Be willing to take an internal assessment and review of your sales related infrastructure. My years of sales experience working in multiple industries gives me a unique ability to comprehensively evaluate and understand the true essence and overall effectiveness of your sales systems and processes. That experience gives me the ability to work with your sales team by customizing the kind of sales readiness template that will be designed to sustain and scale. An onboarding accelerator that actually works.

The onboarding process can be frustrating, time consuming, and costly.

The only thing more costly is a long ramp up time, turnover, and poor sales performance because you made a bad hiring decision.

If your an established business or a start up–and interested in a sales related infrastructure assessment–Or if you would be interested in sending your new hires or sales teams to a sales readiness work shop–I’d like to hear from you.


Feel free to download a generic example of a sales readiness template below.


 Free Sales Readiness Template for the job seeker #1


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This PDF document is a tool that can provide a customized full cycle framework for a successful job migration from the interview process, through the on-boarding, and into the field. It will serve as a blueprint for communicating and relating your job related relevance throughout the interview process, and at the same time will serve as the implementation framework for the kind of sales related success that will last a lifetime.

This FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF is a finished product example you can use as a guideline in creating your own


If you prefer a separate step by step non-downloadable instructional guide, or my direct help and consultation in creating a sales readiness template, then simply send me an email or leave a message by phone.

The Free PDF download includes the following:

  • The mini-Executive Summary:       Doing the homework on the vertical, the space, and the job.
  • The sales action plan:                       The pre hire 30/60/90 is more valuable than the post hire plan.
  • The sales readiness template:         Paul’s Pyramid of P’s™ is portable, flexible, and sustainable.

It’s portable in that you can take it with you to your current job or the next.

It’s flexible because it doesn’t matter if your sales format is complex, transactional, consultative, relational, retail/wholesale, hunting, farming, B2B, B2C, or a long or short sales cycle. The foundational principles of the pyramid will apply.

It’s sustainable because it was designed with that purpose in mind. It’s a pyramid that is built from the bottom up with a “Foundation First” philosophy.


Free Sales Readiness Template for the Sales Professional #2